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Hinweis: Die Entwicklung von TPFanControl wurde im Jahr 2015 beendet

Please note: TPFanControl has been withdrawn in year 2015, there are no activities anymore

Mehr zu Weiterentwicklungen:

  • Shuzhengz TPFanCtrl2 ThinkPad Fan Control 2 (Dual Fan) for Windows 10 and 11 (für P50, X1 Extreme) bei Github

TPFanControl by troubadix lot of silence Thinkpad ®s

TPFanControl fullmode.jpg

Download area

Version history of TPFanControl :

  • Windows XP 32bit service only, no digital icon, Winio port driver,
  • Windows XP 32bit service only, with digital icon, Winio port driver,
  • Windows XP/Windows Vista, 32/64bit, Celsius/Fahrenheit, service/non_service, with digital icon and new 32/64bit TVicPort port driver,
  •, like v041 with additional bluetooth (internal) and thinklight control, parameter NoExtSensor=1 for Thinkpads A2x,T2x to prevent buggy reading and parameter ProcessPriority(=2 default).
  • new names and new paths, with easy 1-file installer and 1-click uninstaller, additional bluetoothEDR control (T61) and sleep warning message box.
  • support for switchable graphics added, runs under Vista/Windows 7 without admin rights (i.e. out of startup folder), 2nd alternative fan control profile, new parameters ManModeExit, IconColorFan=0/1, Lev64Norm=0/1, read TPFanControl.ini and readme.txt, alter values for your needs (default meets T61).
  • program or service can have up to 8 additional icons simultaneously on different accounts by tpfcicon.exe or tpfcicon_noballons.exe, SecWinUptime & SecStartDelay no longer needed.
  • program/service behavior at user log off completely reworked.
  • latest common version, autostart by registry key as setup option, bug fixing, new options: startup in manual mode with manual fan speed adjustable, widget stays on top, optional slim widget. NEW: Hotkey integration.
  • special version, minimizing interactions with Lenovo Power Manager (see 1st FAQ), preventing strange spontaneous unexpected actions. Working on TP Txx, Txxx, Xx, Xxx, Xxxx models, not suitable for SL510, E325 and certain other TPs, apply here . In TPFanControl.ini set UseTWR=1 to see more sensors, will work only on latest TP models. NEW: Hotkey integration.

Attention: there are two alternative incompatible flavours of TPFC:

  • 1st one fan 0 to 7 (zero to high), latest common version and special version for TP L520 and Edge E320
  • 2nd one fan 255 to 0 (zero to high) for Edge E520, for Edge E335, for TP L430 and TP L530
  • no support possible for Edge Ex20s and Edge Ex30
  • latest common version of TPFanControl for Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP, 32/64bit, Celsius/Fahrenheit, service/non_service
  • special version for TP L520 and Edge E320 only (same procedure as 0.62 with adapted rpm display ).
  • special version for Edge E520 only.
  • special version for Edge E335 only (same procedure as 0.62e, but slightly different .ini).
  • special version for TP L430 and TP L530 only (same procedure as 0.62e, but different items in icon menue). highly experimental version for Yoga 2 Pro .

  • Cpu7icon.png, 584kByte) or (236kByte) bug fixed and improved release 2.0
to get an icon to display processor load and effective frequency, run "cpu7icon -?" to display command line options..
  • Hddled.png (83kByte) a software HDD Activity LED
hddled.exe only, run "hddled -?" to display command line options.

work in progress: last version of FanControl software for acer notebooks or other. No support, but you may share your experience here at or here at german acer forum


Final version of FanControl software for HP Probook 4330s, 4530s, 4530s, HP Elitebook 8460p, and HP EliteBook Folio 9470m. Read "Instructions" document after installing the program. Share your experience here at notebook review forum

Manage Windows10 Update by one simple click with Up10control (39kByte) portable

start Windows10 Update at your choice and do not have Windows10 Update running automatically

start Up10control and it will do one-by-one:

  • 1st Set Windows Update Service to Demand
  • 2nd Start Windows Update Service
  • 3rd Start Windows Configuration | Update
  • 4th Set Windows Update Service to Disabled
  • 5th Up10control will stop and unload

after first use of Up10control Windows10 Update will start only when Up10control is started


Q: Running TPFanControl I encounter strange spontaneous unexpected actions as shutdowns and standbys. Is there any workaround?

A: Newer versions of Thinkpad Power Manager don't team up with TPFanControl well. You can avoid these spontaneous effects by uninstalling Thinkpad Power Manager Program and Thinkpad Power Manager Driver. For testing purpose saving the installation of Thinkpad Power Manager run autoruns with admin rights, uncheck all checkboxes of Thinkpad Power Manager instances as program, service and driver, and have a reboot. You can use Windows Mobility Center as a workaround for some of these FN functions. To reactivate Thinkpad Power Manager check all checkboxes of Thinkpad Power Manager in autoruns again and reboot.


Q: How do I get a taskbar icon with transparent background?

A: Just download this version of TPFanControl.exe, (dead link) replace .exe in program folder, and add a new line (TextColor=3...) to TPFanControl.ini as described in readme.


Q: I have problems with missing the icon. What to do?

A: Mind the TPFanControl.ini values SecWinUptime =120 [sec.] and SecStartDelay =60 [sec.] ReIcCycle=600 [sec.] (default values, you can have them set to zero, or disabled by inserting in front of the line "//" if you encounter no problems). To prevent communication errors between TPFanControl and embedded controller and systray icons missing, TPFanControl will sleep 60 sec. ("SecStartDelay", just after program or service startup) if TPFanControl is started within a period of 120 sec. ("SecWinUptime") after your Thinkpad has been powered on, because at boot time there is a lot of communication to the embedded controller by other applications. So be patient while waiting for signs of life of TPFanControl.


Q: Why do I get on program start an error message: program or service already running?

A: As only one instance of TPFanControl is allowed to run, you'll have to make sure that you have not installed "TPFanControl" as service. If you did so double click uninstall_service [in C:/ProgramFiles/TPFanControl/optional/service/] , or service "TPFanControl" has to be disabled in start->run services.msc.


Q: Temperature symbol for Celsius or Fahrenheit is not displayed properly especially using a Far East edition of Microsoft Windows, see screenshot (dead link)?

A: This issue is due to the fact that TPFanControl has been programmed using ANSI code pages. Reprogramming and switching to UNICODE would end up in work ......let's do it later . In case Windows is supporting Double Byte Character Sets (DBCS) and as code for degree symbol is greater than 127, it is looked at as a leadbyte. Leadbytes signal that the following byte is a trailbyte of a double byte character unit (16-bit) in DBCS [instead of the start of a next ASCII character (0-127, 7 bit) or a next character of a DBCS]. DBCS are supported by Far East editions of Microsoft Windows as writing systems for Far East require 3k-15k characters. As a quick workaround I substituted the degree symbol by >'< (ASCII code =39) in the source and recompiled TPFanControl.exe for far east. You only have to rename your old TPFanControl.exe (to i.e. TPFanControl_bak.exe) and copy the new TPFanControl.exe into your TPFanControl program folder ( by default C:\%ProgramFiles%\TPFanControl ).


Q: TPFanControl is able to run as service. What are the advantages?

A: It will run from startup and is independent from user login. Users with restricted rights are not able to stop the service or alter TPFanControl.ini . There is no menue item "End Program" in the menue of icon of TPFanControl service.


Q: Run TPFanControl as service in Windows Vista/Windows 7, why do I see nothing?

A: That is due to session 0 isolation of services in Windows Vista/Windows 7 . You'll have to run tpfcicon.exe additionally, an icon application with restricted rights and no control items in menue, to see highest temp (switch temp) and sensor name in icon and fan speed in tooltip.


Q: If there is no sign of life of TPFanControl on desktop (no window, no icon, may be running as service in Windows Vista), how can I see that TPFanControl is still active?

A: Go to taskmanager: right click on taskbar or Ctrl-Alt-Del, then go to services or processes, click on the name column to have them sorted by name, if TPFanControl is running you will see TPFanControl.exe.


Q: Why does the icon of tpfcicon.exe not have the active controlling menue?

A: Running TPFanControl as service is for multiuser systems, no common user should be able to change settings. There is more sense in running TPFanControl as an application than tpfcicon.exe, if you need this active controlling menue items.


Q: Editing TPFanControl.ini running Vista, why am I not able to save the altered TPFanControl.ini?

A: This is due to activated UAC. You will have to run notepad with admin rights (right click), here after: menue bar -> open file, then go to C:/ProgramFiles/TPFanControl/TPFanControl.ini, open and edit TPFanControl.ini, saving is now possible.


Q: If I change settings in TPFanControl.ini, do I have to reboot the system to make the change work?

A: No, stop and restart TPFanControl by icon menue item "End Program" or doubleclick C:/ProgramFiles/TPFanControl/optional/service/stop_service. Here after start TPFanControl or doubleclick C:/ProgramFiles/TPFanControl/optional/service/start_service if TPFanControl is to be running as service.


Q: Does TPFanControl write to registry?

A: No !! Just only the setup process.


Q: Does TPFanControl write to files?

A: Yes, but only to TPFanControl.log, TPFanControl_csv.txt and TPFanControl_last_csv.txt and only if you have enabled that in TPFanControl.ini and only if running with admin rights.


Q: When I change settings in the main windows of TPFanControl why are the changes not stored for next time I use TPFanControl?

A: TPFanControl will not write changes to registry or file, you have to edit TPFanControl.ini to make changings permanent.


Q: How can I get rid of TPFanControl?

A: Click Start->Programs->TPFanControl->Uninstall TPFanControl.


Q: How can I switch off the balloons?

A: Set NoBallons=1 in TPFanControl.ini. Running as service in Windows Vista or Windows 7: use tpfcicon_noballons.exe instead of tpfcicon.exe.


Q: TPFanControl has big delays in responses while running applications which are big "eaters" of performance??

A: Increase ProcessPriority in TPFanControl.ini default: ProcessPriority=2 (0-5, normal=2, 5=realtime).


Q: Does RightMark CPU Clock Utility team up with TPFanControl??

A: Yes, very well !! It is a recommended complement to TPFanControl for undervolting and throttling the processor to reduce heat production. Hints on installation and use you will find here and there.


Q: Does SpeedSwitchXP Utility team up with TPFanControl running Windows XP??

A: Yes, very well !! It is also a recommended complement to TPFanControl for throttling the processor to reduce heat production. Throttle processor by "Dynamic Switching". Not necessary to use RightMark CPU Clock Utility at same time.


Q: If I don't use RightMark CPU Clock nor SpeedSwitchXP Utility is there anything else to avoid producing heat in Windows XP?

A: Make sure having set processor-throttle-option to ADAPTIVE in your power scheme. Just (start->)run POWERCFG.CPL .


Q: I have installed TPFanControl as a service. On startup, the application always reverts to Smart mode. Is there any way to set Fan Level 7 as default upon startup?

A: Download latest built & edition 0.62 NOW! Set in TPFanControl.ini: Active=3, ManFanSpeed=7


Q: I setup the following parameters: Level=40 0, Level=50 1, Level=60 2, Level=70 3, Level=75 7, Level=80 64. I have it set on "Smart Fan". However, when the temp gets to 60 it goes to Fan Speed 2 as it should. But when the temp drops back below 60, it doesn't drop back down to Fan Speed 1. Now if I toggle it to BIOS mode, then back to Smart mode, it will drop back down to Speed 1. But it will then creep back up to Speed 2 at 60 degrees and stay there even when the temp drops. How do I fix this?

A: There has to be a difference in behavior when crossing a level line (the 60 degrees i.e.) coming up or going down, for without that difference (aka hysteresis behavior) you could enjoy a permanently switching fan. In this way "Level=60 2" means switch to fan level 2 at 60 degrees coming from higher temps and coming from lower temps, a bit confusing...If you come from BIOS mode the program assumes "coming from lower temps" that is the reason for this behavior.


Q: I have a gpu always hotter than cpu. How can I change TPFanControl.ini to have fan level 1 from cpu 55 degr. and from gpu 75 degr. ??

A: As TPFanControl calculates highest temperature (="Switch" = real temperatures minus SensorOffset degrees), so edit TPFanControl.ini and have set: SensorOffset4=20 (Sensor No. 4 is the common gpu sensor) Icon shows "Switch" temperature and name of fan controlling sensor, real temps are displayed in main window with ShowBiasedTemps=0 in TPFanControl.ini, or calculated temps are displayed in main window and icon with ShowBiasedTemps=1.


Q: What to do to ignore a sensor i.e. sensor no. 5 named "bat" (constant on 50 degrees Celsius in some T61) ??

A: As there is another sensor also named "bat" you have to rename sensor no. 5 as i.e. "xyz" (any unique name) by setting in TPFanControl.ini: SensorName5=xyz. To ignore sensor no. 5 now renamed to xyz just write to TPFanControl.ini IgnoreSensors=xyz. Temperature of ignored sensors are shown in window, but not in icon, as there are of no influence on calculation of fan switching temperature.


Q: When the program runs, it runs in Active=0 mode, and the windows pops up in view rather than minimized as set in INI file. What's wrong??

A: It's a question of paths. If earlier versions of TPFanControl can't find its INI file this behavior will result. v0.62 will not start without its INI file.


Q: What about these items "Bluetooth" and "Thinklight" on the icon menu?? Is there any connection to fan control??

A: The only connection is that embedded controller is switching these devices, as controlling the fan, too. So it was nearby installing an option to switch "Bluetooth" and "Thinklight" by mouse click on or of. Please mind the parameter BluetoothEDR=0 (or 1) in TPFanControl.ini .


Q: When the TPFanControl runs with default settings right after installation only makes the cpu temp rise but does indeed silence the vent. What's wrong??

A: The source of noise is HDD (front corner on the right), fan is placed at rear corner on the left, commonly.


Q: Is TPFanControl monitoring HDD temperatures??

A: No, because monitoring HDD temperatures uses Self Monitoring and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.). That will make HDDs spin up every time temperature is checked, and will make HDD sleep unpossible. So you will have more energy consumption and heat production.


Q: Where to find more about temps, fan speed and sensors ??



Q: Where are the roots of TPFanControl ??

A: @ Shimodax's versions