Errata HMM T500

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Errata HMM T500

This page contains errata for the HMM of the T500/W500, Fifth Edition (September 2009).

T500 Intel Graphics

Some of these items may apply for the T500/W500 with ATI graphics as well. Please update this article!

1180 Base cover and USB sub card with cable

The screw under the ethernet socket must be removed as well.

T500 Intel additional screw basecover

1080 PCI Express Mini Card for wireless LAN/WiMAX

There is a metal grid fixed above the WLAN card with two screws of the fan and three silver, smaller, screws. You must remove this grid before you can remove the WLAN card or the fan.

T500 Intel metal grid above WLAN card

1190 Structure frame

When you remove the system board from the structure frame there is a small black plastic guide for the SIM card slot. Don't forget to attach it before assembling both parts! This part may be missing in devices without a WWAN card.

1070 Modem daughter card (MDC-3.0)

A T500 with Intel-only graphics has the analog modem integrated on the systemboard. There is no separate MDC to remove. Furthermore the cable connecting the modem to the USB sub card (see "1180 Base cover and USB sub card with cable") differ between both models.

On the picture the analog modem is hidden under the black plastic.

T500 analog modem