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Fuses in the S230U

Location on the Planar

These pictures show the locations of the fuses on a mainboard FRU 04Y1528. Some solder jumpers were removed before and the red wire on the bottom was added for testing.

top side bottom side


The page column refers to the schematics called "LA-8671P" by Compal from 2012-10-04, Rev. 1A_1004A. PTC are resettable fuses (deutsche Seite), it should never be necessary to replace them (in theory). The part numbers of the 2A fuses have typos in the schematics, but they are marked with "N" on the board (1A fuses carry the mark "H").

name current part number page function
F2 (PTC, 1.1A/6V) SMD1912P110TF 24 HDMI, +5VS
F3 (PTC, 1.1A/6V) SMD1812P110TF 25 miniDP, +3VS
F4 2A 0438002.WR (Littelfuse) 23 LCD Backlight 10-20V (B+)
F5 1A 0438001.WR 23 Touchpanel, +5VS
F6 2A 0438002.WR 23 LCD panel, +3VS
F7 1A 0438001.WR 23 DMIC (microphone?)
F8 1A 0438001.WR 23 camera
F9 1A 0438001.WR 35 trackpoint, +5VS
F10 2A 0438002.WR 33 fan, +5VS
F11 1A 0438001.WR 36 hard disk, +3VS
F12 1A 0438001.WR 37 proximity sensors, +3VS
PF101 7A 429007.WRML 40 DC In
PF201 12A 451012MRL 41 battery