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These pictures show the locations of the fuses on a mainboard FRU 41W1487 (14" wide, Intel graphics).

top side bottom side


The functions of the fuses were taken from the schematics of part number 42W7622 hoping that the differences to the 41W1487 aren't too big. The page column refers to the schematics linked to before. PTC are resettable fuses (deutsche Seite), it should never be necessary to replace them (in theory).

name current part number page function
F1 (PTC) NANOSMDC150F MF-NSMF150-2 29 resetable fuse (PTC), connects VGA pin 9 with VCC_5B
F2 7A 429007 75 DC in
F3 3A 434003 28 3.3V for LCD panel
F4 2A 434002 71 5V for fan
F5 0.5A 434500 78 power for EC etc. from docking station
F6 (PTC) NANOSMDC050F MF_NSMF050 63 3.3V for touchpad
F7 3A 433003 28 20V to LCD inverter (CCFL power)
F8 0.5A 434500 28 3.3V for LCD inverter (Inverter power)
F9 0.5A 434500 78 power for EC etc. from main battery
F10 0.5A 434500 78 power for EC etc. from secondary battery
F11 10A 451010 78 secondary (ultrabay) battery
F12 10A 451010 78 main battery
F13 NO_ASM - 55 not assembled
F14 (PTC) NANOSMDC050F MF_NSMF050 59 connects pin 171 of docking port with VCC5M
F15 (PTC) NANOSMDC050F MF_NSMF050 63 5V for touchpad
F16 0.5A 434500 28 connects VCC5B with pin 78 of LCD connector (WebCam ?)
F17 (PTC) NANOSMDC150F MF-NSMF150-2 47 connects pin 6 of MDC connector with VCC3M