W500 Sicherungen

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Fuses in the W500

Location on the Planar

These pictures show the locations of the fuses on a mainboard FRU 42W8133.

top side bottom side


The page column refers to the schematics called "CORONADO-5 EXT SIV LOGIC SCHEMATICS,COR5D-2,VER 3.29, DEC/13/2007". PTC are resettable fuses (deutsche Seite), it should never be necessary to replace them (in theory). Six-digit part numbers are Littlefuse fuses - if you google both items you will find the datasheet, containing the footprint. This is needed to find a replacement, as some of the original parts are EOL.

name current part number page function
F1 (PTC) NANOSMDC150F MF-NSMF150-2 31 VGA connector
F2 7A 429007 76 DC-In
F3 3A 434003 29 3.3V to display panel
F4 2A 434002 70 5V to fan
F5 0.5A 434500 77 0.5A power from docking station to EC
F6 (PTC) NANOSMDC050F 68 3.3V touchpad connector
F7 3A 433003 29 display panel backlight power
F8 0.5A 434500 29 bluetooth module and inverter LED power supply
F9 0.5A 434500 77 main battery power to EC
F10 0.5A 434500 77 ultrabay battery power to EC
F11 10A 451010 77 ultrabay battery power
F12 10A 451010 77 main battery power
F14 (PTC) NANOSMDC050F 64 5V to docking station
F15 (PTC) NANOSMDC050F 68 5V touchpad connector
F16 0.5A 434500 29 display camera
F17 (PTC) NANOSMDC050F 51 3.3V to modem
F18 (PTC) NANOSMDC050F 32 3.3V to display port
F19 ? ? ? LCD connector pin 19 (not in schematics)